Keynote and BDO (China) Consulting Ltd. have entered into a Strategic Co-operation Arrangement to provide services to Companies / Businesses / Investors for cross-border transactions between India and China.


Businesses across the globe are experiencing a challenging and at the same time, an exciting phase. Challenging because of various reasons like the trade war which has proven difficult for manufacturers who now find their product pricing uncompetitive due to government policy changes; for vendors whose supply chain will see radical changes. Further, changing environment norms have increased production costs if not forbidden them to manufacture certain products. 

At such a time, India provides an exciting opportunity due to various advantages like abundant cost effective labor, easy access to electricity and water supply, a vast manufacturing base due to availability of land and improving infrastructure which provides cost effective and efficient logistics. The Government of India has continued its effort in liberalizing the FDI regime while improving ease of doing business. All these factors provide a strong case for investors and businesses to look at India as a promising alternative in this dynamic global scenario.




Why India?
  • 7th largest country by area and 2nd largest population in the world.
  • Population between the age of 10-24 years (estimated at nearly 380 million) is the largest in the world. This translates into an educated and skilled work force and also an aware consumer base.
  • Projected urbanisation of 350 million Indians in the next 3 decades will lead to greater consumption.
  • Projected 5% rise in the number of people in the affluent class – from 17 mil in 2016 to 33 mil in 2025. Middle class of India is also emerging strongly – Amazon and Xiaomi already customise their products for this market section.
  • India has among the fastest growing economies of the world – in the next 5 years IMF predicts the GDP to rise from $2.3 trillion to $3.1 trillion, a rise of 8-10 %.
  • $1.5 trillion investment is planned by the government towards infrastructure. But it is projected that around $5trillion is required towards infrastructure expenditure to sustain the economic growth.
  • India has a diverse range of opportunities for the foreign investors, from consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure to energy and agriculture. India also has a vibrant set-up for start-ups and new ventures which is fuelled by an entrepreneurial mind set with government support.
  • India has become an attractive destination to do business. This has become possible due to liberalisation of Indian market which has led to free flow of capital; the Government of India taking an accommodative stance on FDI and relaxation on taxation norms. In fact, India is believed to be currently as the 2nd best destination to set up manufacturing units and the most attractive destination for investing.
Why Keynote?
  1. Entry Strategy for Chinese Businesses looking to access India :
    • Market assessment and analysis to gauge the scope and scale of the particular industry and its specific requirements.
    • Identification of a best fit local partner (in case required) based on deal structure and requirements.
  2. India Compatible M&A Process:
    • Approach, Timeline, Marketing, Negotiation – all need to be bespoke.
    • Advise on financial structuring, fund raising, compliance of banking norms and due diligence.
    • Advise on the structure of the entity and business to be set up in consultation with leading lawyers to ensure compliance of government rules and regulations.
    • Advise on tax structuring in consultation with leading tax advisors that may be best suited for the business.
  3. Tactical & Strategic Advice:
    • Selection of Project Consultant.
    • Recruitment of Talent.
    • Advice on Marketing and Distribution.
    • Guidance on Brands, Patents and Trade Marks.
    • Ongoing advice through stability and growth phase.
BDO Consulting

BDO (China) Consulting Ltd. is a consultancy firm under the BDO network, BDO being the fifth largest accounting firm in the world.

BDO (China) Consulting Ltd. is now the world’s leading consulting firm which provides multi-national professional services to a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs. The BDO financial team is recognised for providing path breaking ideas, innovative strategies and customized solutions and keeping abreast of the business community’s latest developments.

Key Services
  • M & A transaction service and due diligence
  • IPO Advisory
  • Identifying potential source of funds and key capital structure
  • Corporate tax advisory and risk management
  • Consulting
  • Cross-border transaction service

The Group provides auditing, accounting, tax compliance and financial services to a wide variety of companies; among them, over 2,000 are listed companies. By the number of audit reports issued, the BDO Group is leading the national public accounting firms (including Hong Kong and Macao).

BDO (China) Consulting Ltd. offers comprehensive services, and has experience across virtually every major industry, with wide range of clients, from regional businesses to global leaders.

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